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Career and Employment

How We Can Help

Our C&D advisors provide non-contractual assistance to Shell partners on career opportunities including finding employment, study, self-employment or volunteer work in The Netherlands. We offer workshops focusing on skills awareness and competence training e.g. interview skills, job search strategies, LinkedIn for jobseekers, changing career, presentation skills and networking. We also offer career coaching consultations to discuss career options in greater detail. You can contact us at


Scope of Career and Development Services

The Outpost teams in Amsterdam, Assen and The Hague cooperate to offer you support in Career and Development. There is a dedicated Career and Development team based in The Hague. This team consists of advisors who can help Shell Partners explore and identify their options in The Netherlands. These options usually lie in the area of employment, self-employment, study, voluntary work or even time out for family or oneself. Outpost Amsterdam and Assen provide some services directly or they can refer you to the Career and Development team in The Hague depending upon your needs.

The Career and Development team services in The Hague include:

  • Running workshops – such as Interview Skills, LinkedIn and Job Search Strategy
  • Organising ‘Meet the Expert’ events (MTE)– Outpost invites guest speakers with expertise in a valuable area to share their experiences
  • Providing one-to-one meetings with a Career and Development advisor
  • Creating and distributing the monthly Journal


Outpost does not act as a job agency; we take no direct part in the recruitment process. Underlying how we work is a philosophy of helping partners to help themselves. All information provided to Outpost is treated as confidential.

Feel free to contact us prior to relocating to The Netherlands, during your stay or when considering your next assignment.


As Career and Development advisors, we assist Shell partners in seeking out career and development opportunities on a broad spectrum. We do this by offering information, tools and resources to enable our clients re-invent themselves and seek out career advancement and personal developmental opportunities in their new location.

We also offer personalized career coaching consultations where we discuss career options in greater detail and map out a strategy for execution.

Your success is our success!


Monthly Journal      

The is a monthly journal, reflects the employment, volunteering and study opportunities in the Randstad region (this region covers Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht, and their surrounding areas). Included is a list of English speaking recruitment agencies, job hunting tips, self-development tips, links to online resources and courses, news on the labour market environment of The Netherlands, selection of career and development books and employment opportunities from employer networks developed by Outpost. The journal also contains information about upcoming study and networking opportunities, including advertisements for the regular workshops and the ‘Meet the Expert’ events. It is distributed by each local Outpost. If you would like to register to be on the distribution list, please contact your local Outpost.


We will love to hear from you. Do contact us at and we will make sure to respond. Which other events or workshops would you be interested in? Do let us know.